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Picture: Taylor listening to Rizzle Kicks (?)

Cycling discipline: Road

Time in competitive cycling: 6 months

First competitive bike: Trigon RCC11

Favourite racing circuit: Darley Moor

Favourite/most inspiring cyclist: Mark Cavendish

Favourite/most inspiring sports personality: Valentino Rossi

Most inspiring cycling performance of 2011: Mark Cavendish at the World Championship

Most inspiring sports performance of 2011: Tommy Hill winning the British Superbike Championship

Likes: Crossing the line first, laughing, seeing the world

Dislikes: Ryanair baggage allowance, Ryanair queues, trying to get to sleep on Ryanair flights

Favourite music: Electronic

Favourite band/artist: Rizzle Kicks

Most inspiring pre-race music: Flo Rida – Good Feeling

Cycling goals for 2012: To score points in every race I do

Best result to date: 10th Darley Moor

Best performance to date: 10th Darley Moor (my only race!)

When I’m not cycling or thinking about cycling I like to: ride motorbikes

If the great goddess of cycling granted you just one wish per year, what would this be for 2012? : Well I’d quite like a new car!

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