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It wasn’t an ideal day out for our boys today as they ended up on the back foot after an early move went containing 7 quality riders. After much counter attacking to get across nothing succeeded although the gap did come down by the finish. Man on form Jamie Shirlaw took the flag from Dillon Byrne, Tom Barras and Alistair Rutherford. A late attack from the main bunch saw our own Matt Sumpton salvage a well deserved 8 spot


1 Jamie Shirlaw, Herbalife Leisure 62.5 miles in 2:20:54
2 Dillon Byrne,
3 Tom Barras, Metaltek – Scott
4 Alistair Rutherford,
5 Colin Humphrey, Sportscover Altura RT @ 4 secs
6 Tommy Bustard, Herbalife Leisure
7 William Haynes, Blackhawk Bikes @ 15 secs
8 Matt Sumpton, RST Trigon RT @ 44 secs
9 Jack Cutsforth, Herbalife Leisure @ 50 secs
10 Graham Briggs, Team Raleigh – GAC @ 58 secs
11 Tom Murray, Team IG – Sigma Sport
12 John Tanner, Sportscover Altura RT
13 Gunnar Gronlund, RST Trigon RT
14 Rob Sharman, Sportscover Altura RT
15 Jaime Burgan, Langsett Cycles RT
16 Richard Hepworth, Cycle Premier – Kovert @ 1:07
17 Christopher Daddy, Squadra RT @ 1:45
18 Steve Ellis, Out of the Saddle CC @ 5:05
19 Simon Maudsley, RVO Racing @ 5:08
20 Tom Stewart, RST Trigon RT

Photos courtesy of Andy Jones


Apr 15, 2012 | Category: News, Results, Senior A Team | Comments: none