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Ben Berry

Cycling discipline: Road Racing
Time in competitive cycling: 4 Years
First competitive bike: Dolan CS – Sadly destroyed in a crash
Favourite racing circuit: Mallory Park
Favourite/most inspiring cyclist: Andy Schleck – never fails to impress
Favourite/most inspiring sports personality: Russell Downing – always puts on a show.
Most inspiring sports performance of 2011: Johnny Hoogerland carrying on to finish Stage 9 of the tour after his horrendous crash.
Likes: Working hard and getting paid.
Dislikes: Photos, Crashing, Awkward silences.
Favourite music: Dance, Dubstep, Soft Rock
Favourite band/artist: Arctic Monkeys to name just one.
Most inspiring pre-race music: Don’t tend to listen to music before a race.
Cycling goals for 2012: None specific. Just to do as well as possible given my training is well off track.
Best result to date: 2nd three times in a month at the start of 2010, frustrating!!
Best performance to date: 1st race of 2010. Constantly attacked until a break stuck with me and another rider. Sadly couldn’t seal the deal so got 2nd.
When I’m not cycling or thinking about cycling: Working 9 times out of 10.
If the great goddess of cycling granted you just one wish per year, what would this be for 2012?: To take every opportunity possible to destroy Jamie Morgan


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