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Rob Harper

Rob Harper

Cycling discipline : road, track and cyclocross
Did you do any other sports before Cycling : triathlon
How did you get into cycling : I realised cycling was the only sport I liked
Time in competitive cycling: 5 years
First competitive bike : Somec atom
Favorite circuit: Hog Hill
What is the hardest race you’ve ridden so far: Hetton national as a second year U14. It was throwing it down and I blew.
Favorite training ride: from my house to: my house to Holmfirth and back (around 65 miles)
Favorite most inspiring Sports personality: Gilbert and his attacking style
Any hobbies/interests outside of cycling: Art and music
Do you have any hero’s, have you met them: Gilbert again. I saw him at the Tour in Nice this year and stalked him for an hour.
Favorite bands/artists: Artic Monkeys, Oasis
Likes: Food and cycling (obviously)
Dislikes: crumpets, eggs and crashing
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