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Mike Parkinson hs

Michael Parkinson

Cycling Discipline: These days it’s the odd steady ride or 5 mile hard followed by a very steady ride. Did race road, TT and Track in the olden days.


Time in competitive cycling: First raced in 1972 for 7 years, then had a break for wine, women and song. Made a comeback in 1987 to regain my 1st cat licence then quickly retired but help train my wife (at cycling) for a few years.


First competitive Bike: Peugeot Team Replica in white and black (Just like Robert Millar’s)


Favourite Racing Circuit: Probably Penny Pot Lane in Harrogate, just because I had a win there once. A hard circuit but no massive hills!!


Favourite/most inspiring cyclist: ‘Super’ Sid Barras; presented me with a trophy when I was a young lad and gave me a few words of encouragement. He won nearly all the domestic pro races during mid 70’s to mid 80’s.


Favourite/most inspiring sports personality: Paula Radcliffe when she broke the world marathon record by a staggering amount. Having read her auto-biography the amount of dedication and training she puts in is staggering.


Most inspiring cycling performance of 2011: Chris Froomes ride in the mountain stages of the Vuelta followed by a storming TT. From a relative unknown who was struggling to re-new his contract to a major tour contender in the space of a week.


Most inspiring sports performance of 2011: I’m always more inspired from watching the young cyclists racing than any major star, but it’s hard to pick from so many great rides. With such a talented group of young riders at RST I’m sure they will inspire me even more this year.


Likes: Skiing; Cars; Belly Pork with crackling and riding my bike in the sun with a tail wind.


Dislikes: Negative people; jobs-worth’s and riding my bike in the rain with a head wind.


Favourite Music: All depends on my mood. Louie Armstrong ‘What a wonderful world’ and anything between the Stones to the current charts. I did appear on stage with the Village People singing YMCA on my stag night at the Batley Variety Club.


Most inspiring pre-race music: Going back to the 80’s when I was racing it would have to be something like the ‘Rocky’ theme ‘Eye of the Tiger’. I do remember listening to Dona Summer’s I Feel Love 12 inch mega mix when I trained on the rollers as a lad.


Cycling goals for 2012: I have to be realistic and say just to get out on the bike a bit more, if I could manage to stay on the back of the local chain gang this summer I would be more than happy (it’s a long shot)


Best result to date: Once won a Pro-am handicap circuit race as a Junior when I jumped across to the Pro’s  to gain the lap and stayed on the back, it didn’t go down well. (Gomersal Pro-am) or 5th place National Youth Championship 1980 (won by Gary Coltman)


Best performance to date: Member of winning team in Junior Tour of Ireland.  Went through a wall and smashed the bike up on stage 2 loosing 10 minutes on the mountain stage, after that I was Dave Rayner’s domestique for the rest of the race and have great memories of the team. (Dave Rayner, Alastair Wood, Bernie Burns and me)


When I’m not cycling or thinking about cycling I like to: Eat out; Have as many holidays as possible and play the odd game of golf; However I’m either at work or at a bike race with not much else in-between, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.


If the great goddess of cycling granted you just one wish per year, what would this be for 2012? It would be wasted on me so I would wish for a sprint finish for Abby.

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