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Lisa Brambani

Cycling discipline: Prefer Running!…Road (only softies or sprinters rode the track in my day…offt!)

Time in competitive cycling: 6 years (16-21yrs)

First competitive bike: A Raleigh Team Replica from Ellis Briggs…thought is was amazing!

Favourite racing circuit: Any course with a stonking hill to get rid of those pesky “sit in sprinters”

Favourite/most inspiring cyclist:  I think Cav is adorable

Favourite/most inspiring sports personality: Anyone who wins is an inspiration…currently Louise Robinson is inspiring me!

Most inspiring cycling performance of 2011: Lucy Garner Junior World Champs, a true show of “never give up” FABULOUS

Most inspiring sports performance of 2011: Cav winning Green Jersey, World Champs and SPORTY

Likes: Endless summer days filled with wall to wall sunshine & Cadbury Giant Chocolate Buttons

Dislikes: Procrastination, People who cheat, Queuing (for anything) and general messy disorder

Favourite music: Like almost all modern music…well apart from Rap

Favourite band/artist: The Script / Coldplay

Most inspiring pre-race music: I used to listen to Everybody Wants to Rule the World ~ Tears for Fears.  If I was racing today it would be Flo-rida Good Feeling

Cycling goals for 2012: To get through one day on the Mallorca Training Camp without being dropped, but since I haven’t ridden by bike since the last training camp it’s looking very unlikely!!

Best result to date: Owning 4 Mulberry Handbags and a Pair of Loubies…Materialistic Moi ?? Never!

Best performance to date:

When I’m not cycling or thinking about cycling I like to: Spend quality time with my camera

If the great goddess of cycling granted you just one wish per year, what would this be for 2012? A new camera with a faster shutter speed and a battery powered flash, a white studio and “photoshop”

Lisa Brambani,Lisa BrambaniLisa Brambani

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