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Joey Walker

Joey Walker

Cycling discipline : Road, Track and Time Trial
Did you do any other sports before Cycling : I have always taken part in motocross until I was serious about cycling, just for some fun and banter ( I do miss it ). For my schools I used to play rugby in which I was the captain and also used to do cross country but that was awful.
How did you get into cycling : My dad was a keen cyclist so I have always grown up with it in my life. Then one day I went to watch Russ Downing win at Lincoln GP and I wanted to start so my dad got me a bike and it progressed from there.
Time in competitive cycling: 5 years if I did my maths right
First competitive bike: Chris Boardman
Favorite circuit: Hog Hill
What is the hardest race you’ve ridden so far: Tour of Luxembourg when we went with talent team. It was stage 2 and a big hill but I was hanging on for ages as I had just had time off due to a broken wrist. Or UK school games road race in SHEFFIELD when it was gusting wind, rain and was up and down (enjoyed it though) .
Favourite training ride: It has to be the ‘Sa Colobra’ ride in Mallorca. Just because it’s the best climb I have ever been up.
Favourite most inspiring Sports personality: Valentino Rossi because he is always having a joke when you see him on tv and is a legend too.
Any hobbies/interests outside of cycling: Play on the xbox with people or watching tv, movies. Mainly chilling.
Do you have any hero’s, have you met them: Mick Wright ( Micky Bond ) !!! He is a legend for many reasons.
Favorite bands/artists: Reverend and the Makers
Likes: Being with the RST crew, Nutella and nice smelling aftershave.
Dislikes: Waking up early for school, slow internet and plane flights.


Joey Walker
Joey Walker
Joey Walker Joey Walker

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