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Joe Fry

Joe Fry

Cycling discipline : Road and Track. Ex cyclocross rider.
Did you do any other sports before Cycling : Little bit of swimming and tennis.
How did you get into cycling : Went with my Dad and Brother to watch people cycling at the local velodrome and decided to hire a bike and have a go and have never looked back.
Time in competitive cycling: 9 years.
First competitive bike: Velo Junior Peugeot Virenque- had to be changed from track to road every time I used it.
Favorite circuit: Gravesend in Kent
What is the hardest race you’ve ridden so far: International Tour of Luxembourg
Favorite training ride: Derbyshire ride with RST Team
Favorite most inspiring Sports personality: Ray Lewis – linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, his motivational speeches always get me ready before a race.
Any hobbies/interests outside of cycling: Any free time spent on the Xbox
Do you have any hero’s, have you met them: Iljo Keisse – Met him twice before: first time at the Amsterdam Six day when Joey Walker and I competed there, second time at the Tour of Britain where I was lucky enough to talk to him before he raced.
Favorite bands/artists: Eminem’s always a favourite, Don Broco, Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Likes: Indian Food, watching Dexter, any music
Dislikes: Loud music that isn’t my own, obese people who always eat, people who smack their food, heartbeat sensors riot shields campers and slow Wi-Fi.


Joe Fry

Joe Fry Joe Fry Joe Fry

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