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Gareth Hewitt

Cycling discipline:  Road/Cyclocross/Track

Time in competitive cycling:  26 years

First competitive bike:  BMX

Favourite racing circuit:  Giro delle Valli Cuneesi stage race in Italy was super cool, big mountains and fast racing, loved it!

Favourite/most inspiring cyclist:   Gilbert’s style of racing is very impressive, growing up Indurain impressed with his ability to terminate people in the TT’s and Mountains at 80+kg!

Favourite/most inspiring sports personality:  Current favourite would be JPOW! US crosser, very good but doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Most inspiring cycling performance of 2011: The way Gilbert flew past Cancellara @ finish of TDF stage 1

Most inspiring sports performance of 2011: Team GB at the Road Worlds… never thought I would see that!

Likes: Good food, better wine and coffee

Dislikes:  People motivated by possessions rather than experiences, instant Coffee and crap restaurant food

Favourite music: Depends on my mood

Favourite band/artist: Very eclectic taste, depends on what I’m doing, Black Keys album was impressive

Most inspiring pre-race music: Something stimulating, old school Prodigy!

Cycling goals for 2012: Help develop the young guys on our Elite team, and stay rubber side up myself!

Best result to date: Would have to be winning National Crit Champ as an U16 beating Mr Wiggins!

Best performance to date: Winning Surrey 5 day stage race a couple of years ago, team was super and my form was HOT!

When I’m not cycling or thinking about cycling I like to: Eat good food, and drink nice wine with friends and family, enjoy Film and HBO series i.e Sopranos, The Wire (etc)

If the great goddess of cycling granted you just one wish per year, what would this be for 2012? For the RST racing teams to be successful and for the riders to continue to develop.

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