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Gabz Cullaigh

 Gabz Cullaigh

Cycling discipline: Road, track and time trial

Did you do any sports before cycling: I was a keen cricketer, made YORKSHIRE trials, then got bored of standing on a field in white clothes waiting for a little red ball to come my way.

How did you get into cycling: Always loved riding a bike and being outside, then seeing the Tour of Britain on ITV and getting so excited when the riders came into the finish at unbelievable speed got me hooked straight away.

Time in competitive cycling: 4 years

First Competitive Bike: Columbus ‘pro team’ (made it already) Sora Special

Favourite Circuit: Hog Hill

What is the hardest bike race you’ve ridden so far: Axel Junior Tour (Holland) Stage 1

Favourite training ride: Any ride into Derbyshire

Favourite most inspiring sports personality: Fabian Cancellara, when ever I hear him talk about training or racing it sends shivers down my spine. I would say Jens Voigt for the same reason but I can’t take his voice seriously!

Any hobbies/interests outside of cycling: Not got any specific, occasional go to the driving range, enjoy watching documentaries, find myself watching all episodes of Friends over and over….

Do you have any hero’s, have you met them: Mike Tyson is a big hero of mine, I have watched many of his documentaries and know his story really well, his inside anger and aggression he brings out in training and competition is inspiring.

Favourite Bands/Artists: Have many, Beyonce is up there.

Likes: Any type of m&ms, coffee, being inside, watches, bring sally up.

Dislikes: Skittles, being lazy inside, when Chris Walker beats me at bring sally up.

 Gabz Cullaigh

Gabz Cullaigh

Gabz Cullaigh Gabz CullaighGabz Cullaigh

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