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Danny fox hs

Danny Fox

Danny Fox

Cycling discipline : Road, MTB ,Cyclocross
Did you do any other sports before Cycling : I have done my BSAC Scuba Diving and I used to do a bit of snowboarding
How did you get into cycling : I was brought up into the cycling world through my dad and granddad; watching it from an early age.
Time in competitive cycling: I started cycling when I was 6 years old and Racing by the time I was 8. I am probably one of the few competitive cyclists in my age group that have been racing since this age.
First competitive bike: I had a decathlon coloured red, white and blue road bike with gear shifters on the down-tube. Retro.
Favorite circuit: Milton Keynes National Cyclocross course or The Stafford GP town centre race for road.
What is the hardest race you’ve ridden so far: Without a doubt, Junior Tour of Wales 2013.
Favorite training ride: A ride I call the Rainbow lane with a 25% gradient cobbled climb up a slight farm track.
Favorite most inspiring Sports personality: Sven Nys – World class Cyclocross rider. Tough, Strong and is well respected by his competitors.
Any hobbies/interests outside of cycling: I Play the Guitar, Piano and also like level editing and software development on the PC.
Do you have any hero’s, have you met them: It has to be Sven Nys again, and I have been within 1 meter of him but not actually spoken to him.. yet!
Favorite bands/artists: Wide range of music taste, from ACDC, Iron Maiden to Tenacious D to Today’s Trance Music. Pretty much anything I will enjoy as long as it’s not Justin Bieber!
Likes: Bacon, who doesn’t?
Dislikes: Spiders.

Danny Fox Danny Fox Danny Fox


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