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Andrew Pitt

Cycling discipline: Road/Sportives


Time in competitive cycling: couple of years


First competitive bike: Bianchi team bike


Favourite racing circuit:  Phillip Island on the motorbike and Darley Moor on the pedaller!


Favourite/most inspiring cyclist:  Jonny Towers and Chris Walker, also Michelle Bartoli


Likes: Cold tap piss (Thats beer to us Brits) and real Italian food and coffee,


Dislikes: arrogance in cycling and how many big strong fit riders that have shocking bike handling skills and no idea how to go around a corner


Favourite music Favourite band/artist :  Always the Beatles


Most inspiring pre-race music: Hearts on Fire, Survivor


Cycling goals for 2012: Best result to date:  Not get dropped around the Lanes by Jonny Towers


Best performance to date:  Winning(not yet) getting around some good grand fondos and Pyreneen Sportives in the top 100.


When I’m not cycling or thinking about cycling I am:  Enjoying family time


If the great goddess of cycling granted you just one wish per year, what would this be for 2012? To have good legs around the lanes on Saturday.

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