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Abby Mae Parkinson

Cycling discipline: Road, Track, Time Trial & Cyclo Cross.

Did you compete in any other sports: I was a Swimmer, Cross Country & Fell Runner and Triathlete.

How did you get into cycling: I enjoyed the cycling discipline of triathlon and both my parents were competitive cyclists, it seemed a natural progression.

Time in competitive cycling: 3.5 years.

First competitive bike: Giant T-Mobile with small wheels.

Favourite racing circuit: Ipswich for Cross.  The Ellerslie Course in The Isle of Man for Road & V718 Hull for TT.

Favourite training ride: Any ride in Mallorca but particularly Sa Calobra.

Favourite/most inspiring cyclist: On a world level it has to be Marianne Vos because she is an amazing all round talent. Closer to home I greatly admire Lucy Garner, twice junior world road champ, now riding for a continental team and living abroad, plus she is a great mentor and nearly gets as nervous as me!!

Do you have any hobbies/interests outside cycling: I like to shop! Enjoy cooking when my mum lets me loose in the kitchen.

Do you have any hero’s, have you met any of them: Well, I actually got to race against Marianne Vos at the cross World Cup in October, that was an experience! I have met Jonny & Ali Brownlee a few times because they went to my school, they are very amusing!

Favourite band artist: McFly

Likes: Warm destinations, sun & sea, Louboutin Shoes, chocolate, North Yorkshire, Time Trial Bikes, fast cars, white teeth, people with a sense of humour, scrambled egg on toast, gammon and cheesecake.

Dislikes: Cold weather, riding in the rain, people who moan all the time, half wheelers & sit-in sprinters, punctures, brussel sprouts, anything minty, rhubarb crumble and people who don’t like the things I have listed in the like section!


Abby Mae Parkinson
















Abby Mae Parkinson




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