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Dave (Couie) Coulson – Team Manager

Cycling discipline:  Road

Time in competitive cycling: 25years +

 First competitive bike: GT Pro 4 BMX

Favourite racing circuit: Beigthon Wheelers hilly TT..

Favourite/most inspiring cyclist: Luis (Lucho) Herrera,was the 1st cyclist who made an impression on me. During the mid eighties TDFs when I was a kid.  I remember borrowing my dad’s bike,which was much too big,and getting stopped by the police and told as much..Lucho’s fault.

Favourite/most inspiring sports personality: Rocky Balboa.

Most inspiring cycling performance of 2011: Mens GB road TEAM at the worlds,specifically how well the team worked.

Most inspiring sports performance of 2011: see above.

Likes: Being in Italy.

Dislikes: The fact that my wife doesn’t cook risotto very often since we’ve had our daughter.  Both take time and energy, Sofia our daughter more than her fair share..

Favourite music: Too difficult.indie guitar stuff,blues,folk,classical (the stuff you know from TV ad’s anyway..).

Favourite band/artist: see above.could possibly make a favourite 10 bands/artists,but couldn’t single 1 out.  Currently liking the latest Tom Vek album though.

Most inspiring pre-race music: Never been been that big on pre-race music.I always preferred to be relaxed than “psyched”,it’s a personal thing I think?

 Cycling goals for 2012: As team manager,to help the riders develop as much as they possibly can.

Best result to date: Late 80′s,beating Chris Walkers time for Beighton Wheelers junior hilly TT 5 years after he set the record.. (What Couie forgot to mention is that I was 12 when I did my time and he was 16-CW)

Best performance to date: see above.

When I’m not cycling or thinking about cycling I like to: Spend time with my 2 year old daughter.  Also, try to rest and relax after spending time with my daughter..

If the great goddess of cycling granted you just one wish per year, what would this be for 2012:  To ban black cycling socks..

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