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2012 National Hill Climb Championship

Huge crowds gathered the whole way up the  Ramsbottom Rake climb in Lancashire seemingly unfazed by the inclement weather that stayed with them for the duration of the event. Our RST current National Hill Climb Champion Gunnar knew that he was up against the odds to retain his title against man on form Jack Pullar, winner of the big money Hill Climbs in 2012. Gunnar again chose his geared bike when others went for the fix wheel option and although he put in a stellar performance Pullar managed to take this years title adding another victory, that of the Men’s Championship, to his 2012 hillclimb season unbeaten record. Another former Champion Matt Clinton took the bronze medal


Gunnar Gronlund “I could not have ridden faster today so am happy with the ride. They were not the best of conditions but then I do not mid the rain or cold and was quite happy for it to be grim because it makes the race even harder. The recce I did work perfectly for me. I did a perfect race and got it all out but it wasn’t good enough to win. I take comfort in that I prepared perfectly and the race was good for me too.”

“Jack was stronger than me today and that’s racing. I am happy though to be on the podium”

After the recce on the Tuesday where Gunnar was able to see what gears he was going to need, he chose a 39 front chain ring and a 12-21 block. “In the race though you do ride so much faster especially with the crowd and the adrenalin. I think though I had good gearing for it and certainly nothing to complain about.”

“This sort of climb is a bit too long to go full out from the start so I used the mid section to try and recover, only for three seconds before I went for it again and the final steep part and that seems to be how others rode it. Start quick, try and get some recovery and then attack the last bit”.

“It was fantastic to have such a great crowd especially on a rainy day in late October. It is fantastic and certainly helps. I love riding in front of crowds like this and have their support.”

Gunnar will go back to Sweden during the winter to be with family and friends and then hopefully will be back early next year. “I still haven’t signed for a team yet. The set up I have had with RST this year has been pretty much perfect and I have really enjoyed it and I would love to stay with them for next year as well.”

“The only conflict I have is with myself though. I want to try to progress and do bigger races, race in Europe and that is the only reason I am looking round for a team at the moment.” His current team RST Trigon Bikes, which did a few races in Europe in 2012, are looking at stepping up a level in 2013 and to do that, are also looking at bringing in other sponsors and anyone wanting to get on board with the professionally looking and run outfit can contact Dave Coulson or Chris Walker.



1 Jack Pullar wheelbase MGD 02:21.3 M
2 Gunnar Gronlund RST Racing Team 02:26.0 M
3 Matt Clinton 02:29.0 M
4 Lee Baldwin Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 02:29.5 M
5 Matthew Pilkingron Team B Global 02:30.6 M
6 James Allen Seffrec CC 02:31.4 M
7 Robert Gough Arctic Sram RT 02:32.9 M
8 Glyndwr Griffiths Bristol South Cyclng Club 02:37.5 M
9 James Knox Kent Valley RC 02:40.4 M J 16
10 Richard Cartland Team Corley Cycles 02:40.8 M
11 Adam Kenway 02:40.9 M
12 Dan Evans Rhos on Sea CC 02:41.0 M
13 Tejvan Pettinger SRI Chinmoy Cycling Team 02:41.8 M
14 David Crawley Beacon Whs CC 02:42.2 M
15 Mark Tickle Leigh Premier RC 02:43.2 M
16 Matthew Lawton Macclesfield Whs 02:45.2 M
17 Pete Tadros In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 02:45.4 M 42 A
18 Tony Kiss Rapid Performance Coaching RT 02:45.5 M
19 James Wilson 02:45.7 M
20 Ashley Proctor Sportscover Altura RT 02:45.9 M J 18


Pictures and Gunnar interview courtesy of our friend Larry Hickmott of

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